Accents don´t work in any text edit mode

• Jun 28, 2018 - 10:44

Hi there. I'm in musescore development from 2018-06-22 and accents in letters a, e, etc. still don´t work in any edit mode. I'm working on mac and portuguese language.

Thank you.

Jorge Chainho


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Hi ! for me on mac too (Ventura on iMac and Mojave on macBook) doesn't work.
Normal way to put accent is to hold on the letter key and choose the accent you need according to the language. Example with an "i" on the attached file.
In Musescore the letter is repeating itself as long as you hold the key. You need a minimum time to select the accent and during that time you have got 10 or more "i" you don't need and have to delete. This make me crazy specially when writing Greek or any language with a lot of accents.

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