repeats and section breaks

• Jun 23, 2018 - 02:47

i have a composition with two sections. i am using a section break between them with a 3 second silence. my first section has a D.C al Fine repeat at the end of it. When the playback gets to the section break it wants to pause before it performs the D.C al Fine. then when it gets to the Fine instead of pausing before starting the next section, it just starts right in with the second section.

i have made a work around of adding an extra beat and then adding a rest to the start of the first measure of the second section with a hidden fermata over the first beat hidden rest and set to equal 3 seconds. this is clumsy and makes the first measure of the second section look odd.

how do i get the section pause to work correctly when the first section uses a repeat with a Fine? i want the pause before the second section starts.


A work around in necessary. You can add a measure after the D.C. al Fine measure then right click the measure and uncheck the Visible box for it so it will not be seen then put the section break with a shorter or no delay as needed on the invisible measure.

This is a more difficult bug than it seems it should be apparently. Someone has been trying to fix this for over a year, but he still hasn't figured it out. The original program manager made suggestions but they didn't seem to help. Perhaps someone will have an "AHA!" moment someday and find an ingenious solution.

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