MDL Drum Sounds

• Jun 21, 2018 - 02:56

Hi. Whenever I go into drum input mode for the MDL drums and enter notes, the sounds are all messed up. Some notes have different sounds then they are supposed to, while others have no sounds at all. Any help with this would be appreciated.


I take it you are talking about the 2.3 beta? Which drums & sounds specifically? The ones I tried worked fine. Can you attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem you are seeing?

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No score to attach, I just created a new one just to test MDL. I went into the mixer and set the sound for the snare as MDL_Snareline, then I went into note input mode and entered notes using the drumset at the bottom of the screen. Many notes play no sound at all, while others have different sounds then they are supposed to (i.e. a regular snare hit plays no sound and a stick click plays a rimshot sound). Same thing with tenors and basses.

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Did you add a regular snare instrument or did you add the "MDL Snareline" instrument? Pretty sure the MDL snareline sound would only work with the actual MDL snareline instrument.

if you continue to have problems, please save the score you have created and attach that - then we can see if you're added the isntrument and selected the sounds correctly or not.

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