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• Jun 20, 2018 - 20:46


I'm using Musescore for the marching band i'm in. But i'm missing the right sound for some instruments.

We are using the following instruments.
- Snare drum
- Snare Drum (snares OFF)
- Field Drum
- Muffled drum
- Bass drum
- Tenor Drum

These are default instruments for a marching band and it would be very nice to implement them in musescore with the right sound
Can you please help me with the soundfonts ore an modifidy Instruments.xml


Most of these sounds are present - just search for the corresponding instruments in the instrument list using the search box. If you need further assistance, please attach the score you are working on, and someone can show you how to get it set up right.

However, see - MuseScore 2.3 is coming soon, with big improvements in this area.

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I Installed Beta Version 2.3.

Indeed there is a lot of improofment on the instuments. Field drum is now a default instrument, But it is defined as a snare drum and sounds like a Snare Drum. So this is still a problem.

The Drumset Editor is mutch beter. But still only 7 Hotkeys. Would be nice if we could define more.

I Will Attach a score later today

Greeting Ronald

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