Is You Tube working?

• Jun 20, 2018 - 20:43

Hello, I have sent a score of mine 3 times today to You Tube, and it still hasn't shown up . Is there any bug going on with MS that might be causing this? Thanks anyone. (It was of course sent from
Something Must be wrong with either MS on this, or with You Tube itself. Does anyone know??? It has now been 10 hours since I sent the score to You Tube. I need to send it in an e-mail to a choral conductor. Still wating.


I had this problem a few days ago. If you're not a paid user, you can only upload once every 24 hours, so it appears it doesn't register anything past the first attempt. My score took a while (about an hour), but it eventually uploaded. I'd say if that hasn't happened, even though it sucks, a surefire way would be trying again tomorrow.

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Formerly, when you sent something to You Tube, a message from MS would appear stating that you would receive an e-mail when it was ready on You Tube. That doesn't seem to happen now either. The day before yesterday, I got a score to appear on You Tube within 5 minutes, but since yesterday, something is WRONG!

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Since sending a score to You Tube is a function have you tried posting to which is the support forum for or contacting them through which will get you to someone from the suppport team? Unfotunately, the new support team does not seem to monitor the forum as well as Thomas did when he WAS the entire support team.

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