MuseScore 2.3 Release Candidate

• Jun 19, 2018 - 17:49

UPD (28.06.2018): the current version of MuseScore is 2.2.12 and is published as Release Candidate. The links below have been updated accordingly. Check out almost complete Release Notes.

UPD (25.06.2018): the current version of MuseScore 2.3 Beta is 2.2.11, the links below have been updated accordingly. Check out last changes and fixes.

UPD (20.06.2018): the current version of Beta is 2.2.10, the links below have been updated accordingly.

Today, we are announcing the public release of the MuseScore 2.3 Beta version. It means we have done almost everything we plan to do for the release, and we are welcoming final round of testing to be sure we have not forgotten anything and everything works good.

The main improvements in this release are related to drumset editor and noteheads in particular. In addition to significantly expanding the collection of available noteheads, it is now possible to specify custom group for noteheads and choose the exact notehead you wish to use for each note duration.

Zerberus has also been enhanced, adding several new filters and opcodes to enable a much wider range of playback capabilities for the SFZ format, along with a few major bug fixes.

MuseScore 2.3 introduces an entirely new concept - Extension Packs. To download and install the MDL package, go to Help/Resource Manager/Extensions tab.

Extension Packs allow the ability to easily download and install a collection of that can extend and customize the features and capabilities of MuseScore. This customization is made possible by adding or modifying the following types of files:

  • Soundfonts (SF2, SF3 and SFZ)
  • Templates
  • Instrument list
  • Workspaces

Prior to the introduction of Extension Packs, this level of customization was only available through modification and manual installation of each individual file. MuseScore 2.3 automates this process, with Extension Packs made available for download and installation directly through the Resource Manager.

Released in conjunction with MuseScore 2.3 is the first ever Extension Pack - MuseScore Drumline. This Extension Pack significantly expands the capabilities of MuseScore for composers and arrangers writing for marching percussion instruments. A full list of MuseScore Drumline features and capabilities will be available later.

Assuming all goes well, there will be an official release of MuseScore 2.3 and the MuseScore Drumline Extension Pack on June 29. At that point, you can expect another announcement with full details on everything you need to know about MuseScore 2.3. We have in-progress release notes which list the bug fixes and new features in MuseScore 2.3.

Our thanks to everyone who participated and helped us improve MuseScore!

If you find issues in this beta version, we encourage you to post about them to our support forum. If you are sure you have found a bug and that it has not been reported already, you may post directly to the issue tracker. Please indicate that you found the bug in the 2.3-dev version.

Download MuseScore 2.3 Beta

Important notes

This beta release is not yet supported on, so 2.3 Beta scores might be rendered differently when uploaded, particularly when using the MDL Extension Pack. Also note that the beta releases are labeled 2.2.XX so they can be updated to 2.3 final.


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This requires a bit more development with separate logic for unpitched percussion instruments.

I am also investigating other ways to do this in templates, styles, etc.

Currently, I just write all down then select one articulation, then select all similar elements and flip them.

On my computer it crashes every time, when I try to start new score. I chose "New score", creator appears, I write title, click "Next", click "Grand staff" and after 3-4 seconds application disapear.

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As explained in the announcement, the beta version of 2.3 is being called 2.2.9 so the final can be called 2.3. This is not an uncommon procedure.

Edit: the original announcement was changed to say the beta is called 2.2.XX, it originally said 2.2.9.


I hope that on the Final release the Sounds would be mutch better. I'm in a marching band so i normaly only use unpitch percusion instruments. But the sound of those instruments are way off the real sounds. Olso i'm missing instruments.

That i have a Feature request.
But be nice to have the option to create a cover page with all the fields that where filled in on the Score Properties.


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Hi Ronald,

It sounds like your settings were not correct in the mixer. This has just been updated in most recent nightly to resolve this automatically.

You can check out the progress by out by installing the latest "nightly" build for 2.3 (not Master) here:

MacOS -
Win -
Linux -

Once 2.3 is installed, go to Help > Resource Manager and select Install next to the MDL package. This should download and configure MDL on your computer.

All MDL templates are now available at the bottom of the templates director that you may access by simply creating a new file.
Also be sure to make sure that your workspace is set to MDL in the bottom left hand corner (options are Basic, Advanced, MDL). This will give you access to the custom MDL palettes.

There are also guides that describe the notation standard and keymaps that you can download here.…

Still a lot of things to adjust, particularly on the sound of playback… but some major steps forward. Would love to get additional feedback on how this can be further improved.

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Bass drums are still not as audible compared to the snares and tenors, especially on the lower drums (8-10). Many of the drums also seem to be inconsistent on the same note, switching between much quieter and much louder notes on the same pitch and dynamic.

Let's push up the topic in "Recent changes" :)
Check out the last MuseScore 2.3 Beta. It is possibly the final call before the release!

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