Go To Coda not working w/in a Repeat

• Jun 14, 2018 - 20:20

Please see the attached example"CodaInRepeat.mscz". Within a passage marked as a repeat , there is a Go To Coda. The measure after the ending repeat is marked with a Coda Sign.

I expect that during the second repeat, the playback should jump from the measure ending with Go To Coda, skip several measures, playing those measures beginning with the Coda Sign.

But instead, both the Go To Coda and the Coda Sign are ignored.

I have a workaround in which I use a repeat having a 1st and 2nd ending; this is appropriate for the small example I attach. However, in the actual piece, the 2nd ending (what I intend to be the Coda) is 16 measures concluding with a DC Al Fine marking; so the workaround is not acceptable.

Thank you !!!

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"To coda" does not have meaning if there is no DS or DC al coda - it's incorrect notation. As a human musician reading the score, it would be equally unclear when to take that coda, and in fact it would never be taken. After the second repeat, we'd go on to the next line, expecting to see a DC al Coda, but then hitting the end of the score we'd just stop, Which is exactly what MuseScore does as well (at least in 2.2).

Sounds like your actual example does include the DC, so in theory it should work, but we'd need to see it in order to understand why it might not be.

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My understanding of Coda vs Repeat Endings is now clarified!
As a testament to the lesson learned, for anyone who finds this thread because of a misunderstanding similar to my own, I attach the following:
My incorrect use of the the To Coda within a repeat (RepeatCodaBAD.mscz)
Workaround with 1st & 2nd Repeat Endings and a DC al Fine (RepeatEndings.mscz)
Correct use of Coda with both D.S al Coda and DC al Fine (RepeatCodaBAD.mscz)
Thank you Marc for your attention; your many contributions to this community have taught me much since I discovered Musescore in recent months.

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I have a score that has it all, a segno, a D.S. al coda, a coda sign and a To coda. (Score attached).
Yet the score keeps ignoring the To coda, all it seems to do is a small jump backward and then it just carries on to the next bar.
I intend to add further instruments to arrange the pece, but I am not going to waste time on it if it is not playing correctly.
Could anyone please tell me where I am going wrong?
Thank you in advance.

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If you view the Timeline (f12) of your piece, on the Jumps & Markers line you'll see a small box just before your "To Coda" on bar 24. It's a hidden coda. I can't find it on the score or figure out why it is hidden (visible is checked, no strange offsets, etc), but if you click on that box in the timeline to select it then choose edit->delete from the menu it will be removed and your piece will play correctly!

Maybe someone who knows more about the internals of the program can figure out where that darn thing is in the score because for the life of me I can't find it but this should fix the issue. Nice piece!

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I am not sure why that is happening (I can confirm the glitch), but if I remove and replace bar 24 (including the close repeat and the To Coda), it works as expected.

Actually it is quicker to
- insert a new bar before the current bar 24
- copy and paste the contents of the old bar 24
- delete what is now bar 25
- enter the close repeat and To Coda.

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Probably got double-clicked instead of single-clicked then delete erased the text but left the coda "object" remaining.

In edit mode (i.e. double click), deleting the entire text (or simply a solitary coda symbol) leaves nothing behind. Upon exiting edit mode, no coda "object" persists. Somehow, it seems a space got (accidentally?) entered.


You wrote:
But I have the impression Musescore will still have to have a look at their CODA feature.

Normally the coda feature works well unless the 'roadmap' instructions are confusing. Like, for instance, having 2 coda signs and a single 'To Coda' instruction.

You wrote:
I entered it from scratch.

Great, so maybe you can offer some insight.

You wrote: ...the score keeps ignoring the To coda, all it seems to do is a small jump backward and then it just carries on to the next bar.

I have taken your "Sleepy shores.mscz" attachment and added a visible rectangle around a "ghost" coda at bar 24. If you play this:
...you will see that the "small jump backward" is caused by the "ghost" coda. If you click on that rectangle and look in the Inspector, you will see the coda label is 'codab'. The coda at bar 39 is labelled identically in the Inspector. So confusion arises as to which coda to honor when the 'To Coda' instruction is reached during playback.
Clicking the rectangle at bar 24 and deleting it eliminates the confusion.
Can you recall how you might have created that "ghost" coda?
Like were you trying to add some text to it? ...or substitute the coda mark with text?

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