Delete entire voice from staff?

• Jun 10, 2018 - 21:23

Hello, I am working on arranging a hymn in the grand staff (closed SATB). I entered all of the notes in the upper staff with the treble clef for the soprano and alto voices. When I started on the lower staff with the bass clef for the tenor and bass voices, I accidentally started to type with Voice 1 (soprano) selected. It filled the score with rests. I backed up and switched to Voice 3 (tenor) and continued, but the rests for voice 1 remained. I selected all of the rests individually and deleted them, which hides them, but they show as greyed out in the staff. It's just annoying and I'm wondering if there is any way I can completely eliminate all of voice 1 for the lower staff. I select all of the rests and then right click to select all similar elements or same voice and it just highlights either every rest in the song or the entire Voice 1, including what I want to keep. Can anyone help me?


You should always start with voice 1 on a staff, it has nothing to do with singing voices. Use the staff voices in order, 1,2,3&4 and you should be happy with the results. To put the notes in the correct voices use Tools->Voices->Exchange... and the proper voice numbers. Once you have notes in the proper voices, use the Selection filter (F6 opens and closes it) to choose only the voices with rests you want to get rid of and press Delete and the rests will go away. Always remember to check All in it when you are done with it.

It is impossible to delete rests in voice 1.

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