Playing a Custom Soundfont in MuseScore 2.2

• May 31, 2018 - 20:04

I am currently trying to create and play a custom instrument with MuseScore 2.2 .
I have build an ".sfz" file using "Sforzando Desinger (Sfsd)".
I have imported it in the MuseScore soundfont folder in my documents library so that it would be available once I try to import it into MuseScore.
Next, I opened the synthesizer and and clicked on the "Zerburus" tab.
There I clicked on the "add" button and selected the "sfz" file I had created earlier.
I then clicked on the "save to score" button...

Now how do I play it in my score as an instrument ?

Thank you...


I think I can fill in a couple blanks for you. First, make sure that your sfz is at the top of the list in Zerberus so it appears higher in the list of instruments in the mixer. Then, you'll probably have to change all of the instruments in your score to those in your soundfont using the mixer (If your sfz isn't GM compatible). I might be missing something since I'm new to soundfonts, but that's what I've found.

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Loading my custom instrument from the mixer worked, but the file is silent (there is no noise when I have it play), witch means that this new problem is due to to the fact I c'ant use "Sforzando Designer" properly! (:
Do you have any knowledge in this type of software?

In order to use non-General-MIDI soundfonts, you need to tell MuseScore which program numbers correspond to which instruments. Do this in View / Mixer.

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A basic concept in MIDI, each sound has a number. Like, piaono is 1, flute is 26 or whatever. It's what you are actually selecting when you use the Mixer, even though the Mixer tries to use the English rather than the number. General MIDI is a standard that says pianos should always be 1 for a GM-compatible synth, and that's how MuseScore knows how to use the right sound. If your soundfont is not GM, you need to tell MuseScore where each instrument you use is.

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