play hidden track on a part tab?

• May 30, 2018 - 20:03

To practice a piano bass line, i tried to put it alone in a 'part' tab, hiding the melody track and simple drum track from the view. As a reference to the complete song, I would like to hear the drum track and only a soft version of the melody when playing the song in this part tab.
It does not seem to be possible because:
a) in the newly created part tab with the bass stave: the mixer shows only the single bass stave, so I cannot control playback mute/volume of any other stave like the drum;
b) in a newly created part with the bass and the drum staves, I can control volume and mute of these 2 staves, but when hiding the drum stave from view in the Instrument panel, it hides it in the main page in stead, but it remains visible in the new tab where I want to hide it.

Of course I can make a copy of this document and do this in the main page, as I did in the last 2 years. But I really would like to switch simply between 2 views of the song for playback (in stead of fiddling around in 2 different forms to edit visibility and playback controle and remember which combination of staves to use (there are a few more in the song) over the course of a few weeks, and over a half a year when I pick up this song again).
Musescore is a great help for my piano lessons !

Using musescore 2.2.1 AppImage for linux 64.
don't know how this was in previous versions, this is the first time i use the 'parts' feature.


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