Adding Ritardando

• May 29, 2018 - 23:33

Having ritardando would allow us to have a lot more creativity tempo wise. We could also have accelerando and a tempo so that our entire piece doesn't remain slow.


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@Anders Lindén....

The manual ritardando and accelerando playback simulation described here:
is not necessary.

In fact, the tempo changes plugin found here:
has been enhanced with the capability to increase (or decrease) the rate of accel. and rit.
It is no longer strictly linear.

Have a listen:
Dynamics Organ6.mscz
See? The plugin can make the music play faster, and faster, and faster (or slower, and slower, and slower).

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To add a system text line, select the range of notes you want it to appear on, open the Lines palette, then click the "System" line icon. If you don't see the word "system", be sure you are in the Advanced rather than Basic workspace (see control at top right of main toolbar). To change the text on the line, select it then use the Begin & End fields in the Inspector (re-open it via the View menu if you previously closed it).

But unless you specifically need the line (it isn't particularly needed in most cases), it's much simpler to just use the Tempo Changes plugin, which you can download and install by going Download / Plugins in the menu above (top left of this page).

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cresc... has been in the software for over 2 years whereas their equivalent hairpins have been there since forever..

Good thing then that "rit" is implemented in the current development version.

The fact that you haven't contributed a solution before today is almost just as embarrassing; being aware that this is an open source and largely volunteering based project.

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I can understand such a logic and it would be correct if MuseScore is a payed software. However, no one payed anything for MuseScore. Thus, every MuseScore feature is a gift.
These days, when I start to think about things that I would love to see in MuseScore and how I'm disappointed because they are not yet implemented ... I remind myself that the only right thing is to say thanks for many gifts that I received.

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