2 bugs

• May 26, 2018 - 08:27

Delayed tempo change-
1. Create a new tempo in any measure. The default is 80
2. When I go to change the tempo to, say, 75, the tempo in the music is still 80 (according to the play panel)
3. When I go to change my input of 75 to 60, the tempo in the music changes to 75 (still according to play panel).
I tried using the inspector to keep the tempo independent from the text but it had no effect.

Awkward double sounds
Put 2 separate flute parts and have them play a G5 together. The note that is played is certainly not G5 (at least in the context of my score). This is inconsistent across the board and even changes depending on which part you have selected when you hit play. Essentially, the sounds from two identical instruments playing the same notes are muted and don't play correctly. Even from the snare drum, a double stop across 2 drums sounds way off.

OS X 10.13, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 2.2.1, revision 51b8386


It's not at all unusual in the world of MIDI for simultaneous notes on the same instrument to produce phasing artifacts from the same waverform being superimpose on itself. The usual solution is tosilence one of the notes (Inspector, turn off the "Play" property) or to detune one slightly (Inspector / Tuning) or right-click and use the Piano Rull Editor to offset one slightly in time.

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