Playback of pedal markings not being respected (2.2.1)

• May 25, 2018 - 17:08

Specifically, playback of piano pedal markings is not being respected when MuseScore is attached to an external sampler. Is this intentional? If so, what is the rationale? If not, when is pedal functionality likely to be implemented for external playback?


You mean MuseScore doesn't send sustain (0x40) events via MIDI out ? It should be the case, I see nothing in the code that would prevent it. Maybe your sampler doesn't expect the same events?

Thanks for the replies. The problem was neither MuseScore nor the sampler, but me. I was using a plugin host (Carla) that requires instantiating "Send control events" explicitly. I normally use LinuxSampler and didn't spot this.

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