Transcribing with "AnthemScore"

• May 17, 2018 - 01:53

Have anyone tried transcribing using the program called "AnthemScore" by Lunaverus?
I recently used the demo version of it to transcribe a music file to music notation because I have many favorite piano and semi-orchestra music but no sheet available on the web.

The program works with the implementation of trained "Neural Network" and advanced "Algorithms", of course, the program did its best with the accuracy of 96% if the music file is only consist of piano instrument alone in slower speed. The program also predicts accurate time signature, tempo and key signature which is good for beginner and experienced transcriber especially to those who have no perfect pitch talent.

Since the Musescore 3 is on development, I suggest Musescore team should also use neural network(?) to implement the (semi-)realtime MIDI notation. I don't know much of the neural network because I am still freshmen college with a degree of computer programming and also an experienced transcriber.


I have used AnthemScore. It is unable to distinguish simple notes. Give it an A, C#, and E, and AnthemScore cannot identify all of the notes --- individually or combined.

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This is flat wrong. I have used AnthemScore for years and it produces very good scores, not perfect, but good starting points. It works best when the audio file is simple, e.g., solo piano. On these types of pieces, AnthemScore gives very playable results. Follow-up work is required, and it takes practice to learn how to use it well. Plus, it integrates with various notation software products (I use it with Sibelius). Weakest point: the documentation is not very good, IMO.

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I have to agree with detaildevil. I am still a rookie at these things but my first conversion was successful and used an input that was NOT with a piano (classic 80s 90s cartoon theme) but output was for piano. I converted my desired song for piano and arranged a simple tune for my kids. For beginners with no talent with pitches.. this is a great tool to assist building that skill. Anthemscore will build the skeletal framework.. and we have to further refine it to make it really valuable for playtime. I was on the fence with anthemscore but decided to buy it. I tried Melody Scanner and Scorecloud. The last 2 didn't have the value proposition so I decided with anthemscore. I dont know if the product will continue support into Windows 11 for 2025. I plan on 3-years of usage to get the most of of this investment. It saves a lot of time. The tool is probably most beneficial for beginners and then intermediates for either building composition skills or arranging simple tunes into music sheets for their kids that is otherwise not available for purchase (which was why I started looking into audio to music sheet tools). I can't comment for professionals bc maybe they are already doing what anthemscore does.

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