(From the Japanese forum) Barlines do not span proper instruments when an instrument is deleted.

• May 11, 2018 - 17:40

This came up in https://musescore.org/ja/node/271637.

The example given was using the Big Band template. If you delete the second Tenor Sax, the barlines from the Saxes extends down to the first trumpet, and all of the brass have unconnected barlines. I suggested that the user adjust the barlines before deleting instruments to keep this from happening, so there is really no advice necessary for working around this. BTW, the same thing happens with brackets.

This seems to be a bug. If you delete an instrument in the middle of a group of instruments connected by barlines or a bracket, the barlines or bracket should automatically be adjusted. In a similar manner, if you add an instrument in the middle of this group, the barlines and brackets should automatically be extended. Adding an instrument above a group or below a group should continue as it currently does, since MuseScore's guess will be wrong 2/3 of the time. The user could want this instrument to stand alone as the third option.

The point of this post is:

  1. I can see no situation where another result than what I described would be expected. Is this, in your opinion, a bug or a feature?
  2. Has a bug/feature request been entered for this?

Related to this I would like to be able to edit a barline/bracket in a similar manner to a line/slur. Put it in edit mode, press shift+arrows to extend the coverage by one staff either up or down. So that if I add a piccolo before the flute to a score created with the Concert Orchestra template, I can extend the lines for the woodwinds up, rather than deleting the bracket on the woodwinds and entering new ones. I would then also be able to extend the barlines up one staff rather than starting over with the piccolo.


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