Blank music sheets

• May 11, 2018 - 01:44

Maybe an off-the-wall question, but is there a way to print a blank five line staff from musescore, without measures, rests, or clefts? I imagine there would be, but I'm not sure how to find it. Thanks.



Set up your score so it takes up the right amount of space then right click each element, select>All similar elements and press V to make them invisible, then continue with another element that is not invsible. If you have Show invisible checked in the view menu they will turn gray, otherwise they will disappear.

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I think a blank sheet of music template would be good, except the invisible items would become visible when the template was used. There are other issues such as the international nature of MuseScore. Americans use "letter" as their standard sized paper while others use "A4." The format of the measures on each piece of paper would be different. Perhaps two files could be included with the program with some unique way to access them could be used.

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