Notes to rests or rests to notes

• May 11, 2018 - 01:29

I don't know if anyone's already mentioned this idea, but here it is. A feature that can replace the rests in a staff/staves into notes and vice versa.


You can already turn a note into a rest, just click it and press Delete. Similarly, you can turn a rest into a note by clicking it and typing the letter name of the note you want. I guess maybe you mean something about doing this for multiple notes/rests at a time, but I'm not sure what sort of real world use case you have in mind?

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I guess what I'm trying to get at is a random assortment of notes replacing the rests within a measure all at once. I was thinking of doing this for the hand claps and just layering the measures with different random voice channels. I tried the random music generator plugin already, but it wasn't random enough. What I had in mind was replicating applause, but this can be dealt with if an applause sound effect was added in (Possibly into the drum kit's sound effects).

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That's an extremely specialized function indeed. General MIDI does define an "applause" sound (as a normal program, not as a drum note). So probably just best to use a normal instrument - any non-drumset will do - and then select that sound in the Mixer. Or perhaps you could simply find a MIDI file out there that already simulates applause via handclaps, and import that.

Notes to rests or rests to notes

Open this score:
Bach - Invention 13.mscz

For notes to rests:
1. Press Ctrl+A
2. Press delete

Then vice versa... (for rests to notes):
1. Press Ctrl+Z
2. Bingo! ;-)

Of course, when starting from a score initially containing nothing but rests, MuseScore would be hard pressed to guess what note to enter for each rest, because notes have pitch and therefore sound different from each other. So in that circumstance, only you would know what pitches to enter.

On the other hand...
Rests have no pitch, so any note (pitch) can be easilly replaced with a rest. For example, a quarter rest which replaces a 'G' quarter note always sounds identical to a quarter rest which replaces a 'C' quarter note. No guessing is involved.


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Thanks for the explanation. I was still learning how the program worked at the time. I get what you mean with the program not being able to put in the pitches you want. I don't know why I thought it would just magically do that for you, lol. I think I was hoping for some sort of easier ways to input notes. I've gotten used to the keyboard input though. I'm thinking an easier way to input notes by mouse would be to introduce some sort of slider per rest. That way you could use a slider via the mouse to scroll through the different pitches. I don't know exactly what that would look like, but it would sure make mouse input a lot easier. Also, I understand that programming something like that would be a lot of work to do. It's either that or program in a right click function per rest that allows for the input of a type of note e.g. G#4, Cb2, etc.

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