Request for ornaments and articulations to implement playback using channel changes where appropriate

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Usually a separate channel is used for string tremelo. If tremelo markings had the option of changing the channel instead of working normally that would be great. Many users also use a separate channel for timpani rolls. Other instruments might also use separate channels for tremelo. I really like that in MS 2.3 tremelo markings will automatically have the note play a different sample for unpitched percussion. This my solution for this to apply to other instruments.


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The idea of adding more channels isn't new and discussed elsewhere, but what do you deem doing it's normal thing?

Title Tremelo changes channel instead of doing it's normal thing. Request for tremolo to implement playback using channel changes where appropriate

I interpret it as a request for the regular tremolo marking to change channels instead of doing what it currently, which is to play lots of notes :-). I think it's a good idea for the small subset of instruments that actually provide tremolo channels.

Is it possible to "silent" the tremolo pallette symbol on playback? Although the strings channel is changed to "tremolo" (using staff text, etc. as explained at, the tremolo symbol still plays back by articulating 32nd notes when applied to single notes. The goal is to apply the tremolo string sound that comes with MuseScore, while having the tremolo playback marking included in the score, without additional playback effects.

Title Request for tremolo to implement playback using channel changes where appropriate Request for ornaments and articulations to implement playback using channel changes where appropriate

This cannot be limited to tremelo markings. The trill line is used to indicate tremolos spanning a barline in drum parts, and I have seen trill samples. The best way to implement stopped tones for horns would be channel changes. I have seen a marcato strings soundfont. How can this be limited to tremelo?

For drums, 2.3 will actually provide a method of switching not channels but pitches, because drumsets are organized differently than other instruments in terms of MIDI. It's true for now this is limited to tremolo, and also limited to drums using pitch change. Some day this might indeed be expanded. One thing at a time :-)

Because the current implementation of drum rolls depends on being able to use a different MIDI pitch for the roll sound versus the standard sound, this approach can only work for unpitched drums. To implement this for timpani would require something like channel switching, just as it would for other pitched instruments. And indeed, some day it is hoped to do that, not just for tremolo but for a number of different articulations.

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One thing no one has mentioned so far is that if you right click an articulation, you have the option of opening the Articulation Properties window that looks like this: articulation properties.png
It doesn't seem to have any affect, I've tried it before, but I might be doing it wrong.

My sense is the playback options in that dialog (channel, MIDI) aren't connected to anything. The code appears to have been copied from staff text properties and then disabled.

Well, it's trivial to reenable it, but then it wouldn't work. I mean, the code was ltierally copied and pasted from the staff text code. Wouldn't even compile as is. I think this was done as a starting point to then adapt the code to actually do something analogous, but that would be some amount of work.

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See,… and to see how to add items to a custom palette. Keep in mind that only articulations and ornaments in the basic and advanced palettes can have defined actions, any other items from the master palette only look correct but have not function except things like time signatures you can define.