Barline gets offset when too many notes are added

• May 2, 2018 - 22:34

Self-explanatory title, see attached image for an example.

Is there a workaround, i.e. make font smaller, note gap smaller?

Could this behaviour be corrected by default?

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You can only fit so many notes into a measure although you can move notes closer together. Try selecting all the notes, go to Inspector and play about with Leading and Trailing spaces (start with -10 and experiment)

Meanwhile, to make just these notes smaller, select the measure, hit Notes in the Inspector to limit selection to just the notes themselves, then click "Small" under the Chord section. Or if you want things smaller score-wide, go to Layout / Page Settings and reduce the staff space.

You can also reduce gaps between notes locally by selecting the measure and using Layout / Decrease Layout Stretch (perhaps multiple times), or score wide in Style / General / Measure / Spacing. You may also need to reduce the "Minimum note distance" in that latter dialog.

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