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Hi there

I have 2 questions regarding a piece of work:

1 I have written a piece with 2 voices on one stave. I now want to have separate parts for each voice so that I can print them out. Please advise as to how I can do this.

2 I also wrote a bass part for the same piece. I went into parts and clicked on the bass. It has separated it as a part well enough but the text from the score has come out in the wrong places and I cannot delete them. Is there any way I can delete the text from the parts? If not I will just cut and paste the bass part onto a fresh score.

Many thanks in advance!



MuseScore currently does not have direct support for generating separate parts from voices on a single staff (that's coming in a future version). For now, you'll need to create separate staves and copy/paste the parts there, and delete the voice you don't want. Or maybe generate two separate parts from the same staff and hide the contents of voice 1 in one, voice 2 in the other.

I don't understand #2. You created an entirely separate score in a totally separate file just for the bass part? Not sure how or why you did that? And which specific text are you thinking is in the wrong place? At first glance all looks as it should.

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Thanks for that Marc. I still feel like a newby with this programme so your input is very much appreciated!

To copy the separate voice, does that involve using the filter and then copying?

Re bass. I wanted to have a separate document showing the bass part only. So I thought that I would have to go into' parts' under file. Where it says "backings for first 12 bars" in the main score it has moved to the first page in the bass but it cannot be deleted. I might just use white out! :-)


Something like this?

The next major version will support this directly, in 2.x some trickery is needed,: exztrat the part twice and on one make voice 2 silent and invisible, on the other make voice 1 silent and invisible, and also adjust rests and stem direction

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