Notation and playback of fingers snap

• Apr 25, 2018 - 21:20

could somebody tell me please:
- how to notate the fingers snap and
- if there is (in the default) soundbank a sound of the fingers snap, so I can hear it during playback?


Unless it's called something really strange I didn't find a default sound called Snap or Finger Snap.

To notate this use an Instrument Change (found in the Text palette). Change the instrument to anything you like, then in the mixer change the sound to something that sounds similar such as Castanets. Change the Instrument Change text to Finger snaps or something similar. Enter notes and change the heads to crosses using the inspector. Change the Note Head group to Cross. This is the standard notation for a musician to do almost anything that isn't normal for the instrument, especially when it's unpitched like finger snaps, claps, foot stomps...

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Ahoj @Vehudis!

If you check out a recently nightly build, you will see that that percussion is now divided into:

Percussion - Pitched
Percussion - Unpitched
Percussion - Marching
Percussion - Body

In "Percussion - Body" you have all types of body percussion - hand claps, finger snaps, foot stomps, etc.

These sounds should be added in an upcoming soundfont and there will be a new guide for percussion notation that will describe best practices for notating body percussion, along with a wide range other types of percussion.

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MuseScore uses the General MIDI standard, created around 30 years and in pretty universal use ever since. So the widely-available soundfonts only include the sounds specified by this standard. but there are plenty of specialty soundfonts you could find, install, and use that are not General MIDI compliant but might include any other sounds you might want.

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