Is there a Harp SoundFont that is MORE ACCURATE and that it sounds like an ACTUAL Harp?

• Apr 25, 2018 - 20:16

I have found so many Harp Sounds and SoundFonts on the internet, and so far I would say that NONE of these Harp SoundFonts sound completely Accurate, Except for the Gothic Harp SoundFont, GeneralUser GS Harp, VSCO 2 CE Harp, Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Harp (Even though I DON’T know where the Original Harp Samples came from that were used in the SSO Sound Library,) even the EWQLSO Harp, Hollywood Solo Harp, and the Vienna Symphonic Library Harps which they cost too many dollars, but they still have a beautiful sound! And I also found out where these mysterious Harp Samples came from now. They didn’t come from my Beautiful Orchestral Harp SoundFonts that I made, they actually came from some Free Kontakt Library that I found and that I can’t remember where I downloaded at. Maybe the Kontakt Factory Content Demo Library????? All I know is that the names of the Harp Samples are for example, “Harp-Noise-p-D1.wav, or Harp-Normal-mf-D1.wav” or something like that, etc. Also, GarageBand for Mac OS X has a beautiful sounding harp, which I can’t convert that instrument into a SoundFont.

I’m not really a Harpist, but whenever I get a Harp, then I will record some Harp Samples. Still, I really need a more “ACCURATE” Harp Sound that will be perfect to use for the updated version of the MuseScore General SoundFont!!!!! Can you please help me out with this?!


I have had a beautiful harp in sf2 that I've been using for around 12 months. I can't remember now whether I found it in sf2 format or if I converted it myself (probably the latter) but it was offered free without restrictions as a Kontakt version by the author here:…
You can download my sf2 version (242 mb once unzipped) from my google drive here:…
It has 5 velocity layers and is very expressive when played with a midi keyboard.

I have an extended version as well that gives you the option to add strings backing as well that you can download from my site:
Just scroll down to the Strings, Harp, Orchestra section.

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I actually have that Harp SoundFont already, and I would have to agree with you!
I think these Celtic Harp Samples sound very beautiful!
The Ethrealwinds Harp & Voice II Library from Versilian Studios for Kontakt has a nice and beautiful sound, and I think it would go well together with the Sommerlad Celtic Harp too!
You can buy it here and try it out.
Maybe you can help me export ALL of the Instrument Samples including the Harp Sound Effects and the Voice Samples into .wav Samples and then turn it into an SF2 Format Version! Please?

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OK I've converted the Community Version (Creative Commons 4.0) of the Ethereal Winds Harp to sf2.
You can download my version of the Ethereal-Winds-Harp-V1.0 from here: [Edit - now updated to Version 1.1]…
This took quite a bit of re-mapping samples, splitting the two velocities available into two "Instruments" with Polyphone soundfont editor, normalising the samples and making a velocity split at 85.
I'm happy with the result and I think it actually sounds a lot better than the Celtic Harp above.
If I find time I might add a little more expression with filtering but for now give this a try.
[Version 1.1 now has better Vol Enl Release]

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I have done some more work to improve the harp (now version 1.2 which has better expression and smoother velocity switching). You can download the Ethereal Winds Harp here:…

I have also improved my Strings/Orchestral soundfont and added the second harp here:…
(Also downloadable from my site in the Orchestral section):
This ones works well if you are playing with a midi keyboard. It is not a General Midi soundfont.

I don't have Kontakt so I don't have access to the extended paid version of the Ethereal Winds Harp but I'm pretty happy with the modified Community Version.

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Thanks a lot for the work. I have been using some Nice Keys presets that I loaded awhile back. ( Yamaha grand plus universal guitars) Check out, however. note a4 on the ethereal harp v1.2. It sounds like a string bow. Some of the adjacent notes sound like a piano. Maybe it is my system. Thanks again.

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I'm using an $8 iPhone/iPad app called bismark bs-16i and it is playing all notes correctly via my midi keyboard.
I think likely your software is misinterpreting a couple of notes that I had to stretch up and down to cover some missing notes. What software are you using?

Not sure if this has been answered...iif you go into the sampler files for garage band jam packs you can manually make SF2 from the raw samples. If you want i can make a SF2 for you? I have converted manually alot of the Orchestral EXS24 samplers to SF2 so just name it and i will convert it

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