musescore for chromebook?

• Apr 24, 2018 - 21:30

i would like it if you made an extension for google chrome so i can use musescore on my chromebook (chromebook runs off of ChromeOS and doesn't support exe or other file types like that and you can only download apps from the chrome web store)
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Chrome OS and the Chrome extension framework don't provide nearly the functions they would need to in order to support MuseScore directly. Luckily, it doesn't need to. There are currently two options for running MuseScore on a Chromebook without the need for a Chome extension, and a third will hopefully be coming soon.

One is to use "crouton" to install Linux as mentioned above. This works great but is a lot of work. Another is to to use a third-party service like "rollApp" to run MuseScore via a remote access service. The third option that will hopefully be available soon is to run the Linux version of MuseScore on the Chromebook. Google just announced that this capability will be coming soon, but it's too early to say how practical it will be.

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just think of the possibilities of a browser version of musescore... compose anywhere on almost any device, full playback and soundfonts (from an online bank), truly collaborative composition (as in Google sheets, but for music), cloud storage, etc... If i had a composition idea, but my composition computer was not with me, I could go to a kiosk somewhere, or use a phone or other browsing device and quick enter my idea for retrieval and completion another time.

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@jmoses this is about MuseScore running on Chrome OS, not running in the Chrome browser. That said, what you want is possible on any Windows machine using the portable version of MuseScore on a USB key. Just plug in the key and start MuseScore.

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But FWIW, you can already do most of this - that's what the "rollApp" service I mentioned does. There are some limitations currently, most significantly lack of audio support, but they are working on it. No collaboration facility, that would be nice someday, but so would winning the lottery :-)

As far as I have been informed by a friend who now works for Google and uses a Chromebook, it, when turning on developer mode, is just a Gentoo box, so Gentoo packages would work.

For when you do not turn on developer mode, there will not be a solution, as it’s basically an extremely limited environment only running webbrowser and Javascript stuff.

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