Copy-Paste Function Is Pasting Everything Except Glissandi

• Apr 23, 2018 - 01:08

Hi, I'm really enjoying using MuseScore for the first time. I started finding my way around it about a week ago using the handbook and this forum. Kudos on the wonderful program.

I was copy/pasting a few measures of notation and tablature in linked guitar staves and noticed that the glissandi lines didn't paste. I searched and found this thread, which seems to be closed, but it didn't show a fix:

Attached screenshot shows the original music in both staves that I then copied and pasted. The resulting paste looks exactly the same as this screenshot but without the glissandi lines (let me know if I should post a screenshot here - I didn't think it was necessary because you can picture it).

Was this resolved in a different thread I may have missed? In that case, sorry for the duplicate post. The final comment in the thread above suggests that it has been fixed for certain instruments/situations but not for others. Also, that thread seems to relate to the "stepladder" glissandi, whereas my issue is with the straight lines.

Thanks in advance


The question is fine since the thread you referenced is 2 years old and two versions have come out since then. Pictures of your dog are as useful as a picture of your score in most cases. Attach the score so we can look at it. There was something in your linked thread that I want to see if it applies here.

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You saved an excerpt, probably using the Save Selection... option. Did you create the score with version 2.2.1 or an erlier version. If an earlier version, which one? I'm asking because the problem score in your linked issue was created in version 1 and the problem was found in some 2.x version.

It's bed time here in America and the Europeans are starting to wake up. They will probably have some good info for you by the time I wake up again in the morning. Good night.

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"I was copy/pasting a few measures of notation and tablature in linked guitar staves and noticed that the glissandi lines didn't paste"

Indeed, it's a former and known issue: #49856: Glissando not copied if destination staff has links
Effect on a short sample: linked.mscz

In this use case, make the choice to set added staves simply (so, non linked) and so, copy-paste the glissandi will work:
Example: non linked.mscz

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Appreciate all your help with this. I'm using version 2.2.1. Good to know the developers are aware of the problem. I think until the fix is in place, the most efficient approach is to keep the staves linked and add the glissandi into the pasted sections manually.

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About the "most efficient approach" : why not indeed if it concerns only a few glissandos here and there. An alternative. But in a large score and something systematic (studies eg), it would quickly become tedious. So, must be evaluated according to the context, as always.

Update: the exact same issue exists with copy/pasting staff text in linked staves. The notes, chord symbols, fretboard diagrams all paste correctly, but all staff text does not... Additionally, if any manual changes have been made to beam position - i.e. flipping the beam from top to bottom or vice versa on 8th or 16th notes - these changes don't get reflected in the pasted segment (the pasted segment shows up with default beam positions).

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? Are you sure you are talking about staff text and not system text? Staff text copies normally, but it's true (by design) that system text does not. If you are seeing otherwise, please attach a score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

As for manual adjustments, some of these also deliberately don't copy, because often the reason for the adjustments won't apply in the destination. But beam angles copied just fine when I tried just now, linked staves or no. So again, if you have a specific case where this isn't working, please provide the score and steps to reproduce the problem.

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Thanks Marc. I'm not sure what happened here... The transcription I finished up today had the copy/paste problems I described. It was frustrating because I was in a hurry to finish and had to type in all the staff text manually in each pasted location when it didn't show up (it was staff text, not system text, mostly guitar fingerings and arrows for strum directions - about 50-60 pieces of text).

But when I tried to reproduce the same problem in a new score tonight, all the staff text fingerings I entered did show up correctly when I copy/pasted them. No issues with copy/pasting manually adjusted beam directions either. Then I tried again with the original transcription score and the fingerings and beam directions pasted correctly this time.

I guess I can chalk it up to still being new with the program, just over a week. I must have unknowingly done something in setting up the score, or entering the fingerings, or selecting the sections, that prevented the text from getting pasted with the other score elements.

If I encounter this again and I'm certain it's reproducible, I'll do what you requested and attach a score with steps to reproduce it.

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The most likely cause of what you describe is that you had the Selection filter turned on at some point during your session. You must have unchecked "Other Text" which eliminated staff text and fingerings from the selection so they neither copied nor pasted. If you can remember they were not blue when you selected several measures it would confirm my suspicion.

There should be some sort of warning or automatic reset that happens when the selection filter is turned close to let you know some items will not be selected if the All button is not a solid check. The "All" check becomes dotted if from 1 to 1 less than all of the boxes are checked.

Just so you know, the selection filter is attached to the MuseScore session, not the score.

When you closed and reopened MuseScore the selection filter reset.

The strums are probably considered arpeggios so did not copy due to the bug you previously mentioned.

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