Chord symbols and key signatures won't transpose by diminished second

• Apr 21, 2018 - 23:04

Hi all,

Here's an example file. If you select all and transpose up a diminished sixth, it's happy with that. But if you select all and transpose up a diminished second, it only transposes the staff notes. This applies both up and down.

Maybe there's a quicker way to do enharmonic stuff like this, but this seems like a bug anyway. Shall I file an issue in the tracker?


Does indeed seem like a bug. It's possible there is some underlying reason why it won't be easy to fix, but hopefully not. Meanwhile, unless I misunderstand, wouldn't it be easier just to transpose by key? Choosing Gb major / Eb minor works fine in your example.

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Reasons I didn't transpose by key:

1) It didn't occur to me (,:
2) The example is removed from what lead to the bug's discovery. In the original, I wanted to transpose only the notes and the chord symbols, keeping the key signature blank, down a diminished second. When transposing without changing the key and/or without a clear tonic, intervallic is the way to go. That's also why the diminished fifth then augmented fourth solution is a quicker workaround for me. Also, as there is no option to transpose to B♯ major / G𝄪 minor (which is understandable to be fair...), key transposition wasn't an option in my case anyway.

I'll file the issue.

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