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So I want to use a suspension cymbal sound for a build up. Having the normal cymbal crash sound isn't going to work for me. I run Linux Mint 18. I looked into it and found out about SoundFonts. The instructions on how to install SoundFonts were vague. If anyone knows of a SoundFont that has a suspension cymbal sound and knows how to get it on Linux Mint 18 and can provide clear instructions on how to get it, it would be very helpful. Also, the version of MuseScore I have is 2.0.2. Is that too old? If it is can someone give clear instructions on how to get a newer version?

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That is indeed a pretty old version. If your particuar Linux distribution doesn't include the latest (2.2.1), then see the Download menu at the top of this page to get the AppImage version for Linux.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, the General MIDI standard does not define a suspended cymbal sound. The way I usually create one is to use a roll (tremolo) on the ride cymbal. It's not super convincing, but certainly better than crash.

Probably there does exist a non-GM soundfont that includes suspended cymbal sounds directly, but I'll let others chime in with their experiences, since I have none.

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When I try to open the program, it says

The file "MuseScore-2.2.1-x86_64.AppImage" has no known programs associated with it. If you trust the source of this file, and have sufficient permissions, you can mark it executable and launch it. Or, you can use the Open With dialog to pick a program to associate it with.

Do you know what I need to do to fix this?

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This is an orchestral cymbals.
A pair of cymbals (One for each hand, with leather handle) and playing with struck (clash) against each other.

Suspended cymbals is different. a hanged single cymbal played with a stick (or soft mallets or any other similar thing).
Crash and Ride cymbals (in a drum-set) are already in the suspended cymbals category.
Hanging (Mounted) Orchestral cymbals are also used these days (with a suspender) .

However, due to the different playing techniques used, it can be very difficult to find all the necessary samples/sounds/articulations in a sound-font.

I'm not sure if it's a sound included with musescore or not, but i found a sound in the mixer called "Reverse Cymbal" which sounds like a cymbal roll that just abruptly ends, like a reverse cymbal sound, though it might not sound the best

This SoundFont has been a lifesaver. I had always needed a suspended cymbal/cymbal roll sound, and it took me forever to find this one. It's not very customizable (as in it can only be a certain length), but it at least gets a good cymbal roll sound.

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