(From the Spanish forum) Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra.sf2

• Apr 16, 2018 - 19:56

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Google Translation:

Good morning: I am using this soundfont, but when I choose the instrument clarinet solo, solo flute or oboe solo, these instruments when played on long notes like white or redontas and the tempo is under 80 bpm for example, the sound is cut before finishing the reproduction of these notes.
I do not know if this is a problem of the soundfont or if it can be fixed by modifying some control of the synthesizer or the mixer. It does not happen with the other instruments.


Sonatina has instruments whose samples are not looped, like the clarinets, horns, etc. It's a design the original author thought it was appropiate, to match the natural decay observed in the samples. But since it's release, there are versions of Sonatina (mostly in .sfz format, which MuseScore can use) with these instruments looped. Search "sonatina looped" in Google and you will find some ones (for example, https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/456)

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