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• Apr 14, 2018 - 04:09

How do I get MIDI channels to appear in the mixer?


They automatically show up when you add an instrument. What are you trying to do, there are ways to make instruments have more MIDI channels.

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I guess I should have said they are automatically assigned by MuseScore as Marc pointed out. As I stated before, if you need extra MIDI channels assigned to an instrument there are ways to do that. Knowing your goal will enable me or someone to explain the best way to do that.

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Each string instrument uses 3 channels. They are all associated with the staff of the string instrument, and will be sent to the MIDI port, and will be used depending which of the sub-instruments (normal, pizz. etc) is in use at any time. You don't have to do anything. See the mixer for the channel assignments. click on the little arrow at the top of the mixer slot to see new slots for the sub-channels; click on them and watch the "channel" indicator on top change.

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I don't understand why you need more midi channels than an instrument needs. IF you're talking about MuseScore articulations, like staccato and tenuto or length-adjustments, they are applied to the MIDI notes that would otherwise be sent to a device; no extra channels are needed. If you're talking about something else, please say what.

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I see, so you want to split a given channel or make it come out on two channels so you can treat them differently. VSTI doesn't have the ability to do that internally? There's no such thing in MuseScore. It has its own pizz. and tremolo mechanism, two of the three channels you get.

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Actually, due to what many people consider a bug, if you add an "instrument change" staff text at the point where you want to change the effect, and change the instrument to the same thing, it will eat up an entire channel that you can use in this way. You will get a new one each time, and can "readjust" them to previously-used values by hand in the mixer. It's no pleasure and pretty kludgey, but it can be done.

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The plugin I'm using for electric bass has alternate articulations for mutes, taps, slaps, dead slaps, pops, thumps and double-thumb. It would be a massive QoL improvement if I could assign these individual notes their own midi channels. At the moment I'm having to do some painful double handling of my midi after transcription to get it workable in a VST.

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