Linear / proportional note spacing

• Apr 12, 2018 - 20:15

Is is possible to engrave a score or passage with proportional horizontal note spacing, ie. a half note (minim) takes up exactly twice as much space as a quarter note (crotchet)?

I know it doesn't look good, but I need this for a work sheet on rhythm.



  1. Add another instrument (ex: Tambourine) // as "Meter"
  2. Fill it with the smallest notes you want to use as a basis. (e.g: 16th.)
  3. In same staff: Right click on the beam of any group of notes (you have just filled in) and apply: "Select > All similar elements in same staff" option.
  4. Open inspector and tick on the "Local relayout" box. (It prevents the interaction of the tuplets with the Meter.)
  5. Open mixer and mute This "Meter" instrument.

a sample score is attached.

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equal-spacing-workaround.mscz 13.52 KB

This feature is necessary not only for your usage case, but for much contemporary music where, instead of traditional measure and figures with submultiples of a beat, a purely analog or proportional time notation is used. The bars, usually indicated as broken lines, or short marks crossing the upper line of the staff, represent a beat of the indicated metronome value. The duration of notes is proportional to the length of a single beam and the note attack timing within a beat is proportional to the notated distance from the preceding metronome mark. See for instance Berio's Sequenza I for flute (1958):
See also p 152-153 from…

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In an age where everything is looked at for three seconds and then passed, how nice it is for people to be interested in such things, and especially to search, find and read documents. I read the PDF about that Flute (notationperforma) as if I had found a treasure (which I am not a flutist and I do not play the flute). Thanks for the links too.

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