Add Violin with a Separate Time Signature

• Apr 11, 2018 - 22:08

I have a piano part written in musescore, and want to add the violin part, but the the time signature is different for the violin. I tried to add an unlinked staff but that option is not available when I add the violin. So I click on "Add" and it adds a linked staff for the violin. I then can add another violin staff because the "Add Staff" button is available, but no matter what I do, the staffs are linked and I cannot have two different time signatures. What am I missing?


You need to only add a violin instrument to a piano score and use the local time signature as suggested by Recorder485. There are many issues with local time signatures. If the time signature never changes the only real issue to keep in mind is that you can't copy from or paste to a measure affected by a local time signature.

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