No sound/playback

• Apr 10, 2018 - 11:34

I just downloaded Musescore 2.2.1 for Windows 7 and I can't get any playback. I've checked the mixer and the synthesiser and can see that the score is being registered, just not making any sound. Also checked the I/O for every possible configuration and factory reset it to no avail - any other suggestions would be super swell xx


Open the synthesizer. On the Fluid Tab click on Add, the default soundfont comes's now Musescore_General.sf3. Double Click it to add. Worked for me to restore the volume.

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I've never made any changes to my settings and am having the same problems. There is absolutely no sound. I hear nothing when inputting notes. None of the playback buttons are clickable--this includes the metronome, the repeat button and the play button. Under View, Synthesizer appears in grey instead of black and cannot be clicked. You're saying that I shouldn't have any problems because I have never made changes to the settings, but I am having the same problems as everyone else. I am working on a major project for school and have to be able to hear what I am working on so I don't fail this class!

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Hmm, this sounds like a very different problem - the people in this thread have those buttons working and the only problem is no soundfont loaded. Sounds like you have no audio device detected whatsoever. What version of MuseScore, and what operating system? If it's not 2.2.1, start by updating to that. There was a bug in some previous versions of MsueScore that would occasionally cause people to have no audio at all, especially on macOS.

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