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• Apr 8, 2018 - 09:26

How do I make a recording of my score? I am new to musescore. I can only save as a musescore file or an uncompressed musescore file? I need an explanation in simple language.

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If you upload a "score" or song onto your file, you can download as a an mp3 file...
Problem it sounds different uploaded, since I think they use different sound fonts?

You need an mp3 encoder to export your score as a recording. Either download an encoder online (I recommend LAME encoder) or export it as a .wav file, which is what I do to upload recordings to my YouTube channel. You can even go one step further and convert your .wav file to mp3 via an online converter.

Now, "all that having been said," I typically regard this sort of output as a very-convenient draft. These days, I ordinarily export a MIDI-file and bring it into a DAW – in my case, Logic Pro X. (And then, sometimes I set it up to reference the same SoundFonts file that MuseScore is pointing to, as a source for some but perhaps not all of the sounds.) I do think that MuseScore's built-in capabilities are very good – but you can do other things as well.

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