How does one add a staff to a score?

• Apr 7, 2018 - 23:44

I am making a score, but cannot find how to ad the Bass staff to my music. I also am not finding directions anywhere in the help file. Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance!


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Here's some general info.:……

Do you need a bass clef/staff added for an instrument like a piano, and for which you already have entered the treble clef/staff?
Do you need a bass clef/staff for a completely different instrument? Like a double bass, for example.

Please attach your score, explaining precisely what you want to add.


While you can add staves to a score using Edit / Instruments, if you are trying to write for piano, don't start with the default one-line score and then add a staff - simply create a new score with File / New and select the Piano template. Then everything will already be set up for you correctly.

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