No sound on upgrade to 2.2 if default soundfont was saved as default

• Apr 3, 2018 - 11:52
Reported version
S4 - Minor
  • In MuseScore 2.1, in synthesizer, add a soundfont, delete the soundfont. It should unlock the "save as default" button
  • Save as default
  • Upgrade to 2.2 (it will delete the default soundfont FluidR3Mono and replace it with MuseScore General)
  • Launch MuseScore and play --> not sound
  • Workaround: Open Synthesizer and add the default soundfont again or revert to factory settings, loosing all palettes, shortcuts etc... (or manually delete synthesizer.xml)

When MuseScore 2 is launched, it will use the "default configuration" that has been saved to disk, it will try to load the old default soundfont and fails. Instead if it fails, it should try to load the new default soundfont.

We can fix it in MasterSynthesizer::init(): load the default state and delete the synthesizer.xml file if we cannot set the state. It will however cause the default state to be loaded for any missing soundfont...


I'm not sure. My proposed fix "will cause the default state to be loaded for any missing soundfont...", and it will erase the default configuration. Not sure it's really wanted. So, I would not put it in 2.2.1...

Why not including this fix geared to 2.3 in a special release, a bugfix release that would replace the current 2.2.1 download? is it too late, is now so unstable the branch? there are a growing number of people reporting as of today

The previous soundfont was also SF3. And AFAIK fluidsynth now just integrated what Werner invented a couple years back for MuseScore.
Nobody needs to upgrade fluidsynth to use SF3 soundfonts with MuseScore