play all instruments/voices on note entry--toggle

• Apr 3, 2018 - 09:13

this may already have been requested, maybe it already exists and i just don't know how to do it..

when i am in note entry, i can hear the note i enter played along with the chord...but only from the staff i am entering the note on. i can toggle this in preferences.

i would like to toggle three ways---
1. note entry single note playback (only can hear the note i am entering, no chord)
2. note entry and chord in a single staff playback (can hear the full chord at note entry but only in one staff)
3. note entry all notes on all staves at that beat (can hear the full chord at note entry in all staves and voices and instruments) --the new option


I'm with you on this one. To my knowledge I don't think this feature exists, so it would be nice if it was added. How would you suggest that you toggle it?

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it currently toggles in the Edit>Preferences --Note Input tab with the Play notes when editing and Play whole chord when adding note check boxes. I would recommend adding two option buttons indented under "Play whole chore when adding note" that offer options of "Chord in single voice" and "Chord in all voices"
Actually I would prefer that this was not in the Edit>Preferences dialog. As a Windows user, I would prefer to have this on my menu bar and when I click on the "Play notes when editing button" a dialog or drop down appears with the information currently in the Edit>Preferences-Note Input tab-Play notes area and the recommended additional option buttons. The dropdown option offers faster access. The options could look sort of like this screenshot.

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