Unable to add fermatas to bar lines

• Apr 3, 2018 - 06:38
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This issue is for the master branch only.
In version 2.x, it is possible to add fermatas to bar lines.
Currently in 3.0-dev if I try to add a fermata to a bar line, nothing happens.


This is but 1 of 4 pages worth of issues that have a status of PR Created that need to get merged or put back into active status.

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The only workaround is to manually edit the XML, only for the "tech-savvy"

Now we're on the subject: once in a while Musescore runs into trouble that can only be fixed manually in the XML.
A built-in XML-editor like in Inscape would be great!!

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I understand there are some technical difficulties (since barlines have no duration), but it would be nice to be able to set a pause duration for the fermata. Workaround is to also add a pause to the last note and V it to invisibility.

When attaching to a note, it will always shift horizontally with every recalculation of every note's position, you'd have to check every time you edit the score. So not really a feasable work-around.
It was possible in Musescore 2, for compatibility's sake should it be possible in musescore 3, especially since, when added manually in the source, it is rendered just fine.
p.s. a fermata over a barline, is not that uncommon

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If you use my workaround, use it only after measure lengths for the system are fixed to prevent the fermata from wondering when you edit. Everyone agrees it's a bug and regression that needs fixed. Hopefully this will be fixed before the next release.

Would someone please explain to me how the barline functions as an element of time. To my understanding, bar lines are imaginary musically and are simply a device for orienting players to the over all structure?

By that logic a fermata would end up on a rest of designed length.

I have updated the PR for this to make it compatible with the current codebase. It can be found here: https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/3595.

Fermatas over barlines still do not have an effect during playback, but we can see about fixing that later. The fact that barlines have no duration should not present too much of a problem. If a barline has a fermata over it, we can give it the duration of a quarter rest, and then apply the time stretch multiplier. Although, that is a section of the code I know nothing about.

In 2.x the timestretch of fermatas on barlines had no effect to playback. So in 3.0 we should be able to live with it for the time being, bug fixed, feature request pending ;-)

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