Controlling Musescore sounds

• Apr 2, 2018 - 21:33

I am very new to the idea of editing sounds in Musescore so a detailed explanation would be gratefully recieved! I would like to experiment with linuxsampler(from this chat but can't find where to download it and then where to extract it to there is also mention of JACK, something else I have no clue about! Basically I want to use these to edit the soundfonts and change the sound output of the individual instruments in Musescore, any ideas of how to set up will be gratefully recieved!


I'm in the same boat and am attempting to learn about panning, reverb settings for instruments. It's a lot of possibilities which can seem overwhelming I will say.
I also have a question for any experienced mixers for selecting which instruments to use for a song that's has many parts for both orchestra and techno like instruments and is rather busy at the end... main instruments are flute, piccolo, violin, and counter melody instruments are mallet synthesizer, square synthesizer (using bass synthesizer in the mixer), saw synthesizer (using bass lead in the mixer), bass guitar, verdant, glockenspiel, and piano....and have to add at least three more parts. One for background chords for harmony, a trumpet part that's added harmony later in the song, and an oboe part that's a counter melody part, and a guitar part to accent the song later on... so my question is, what would it be easier to mix in terms of added instruments to what a have? For example, should I add a brass part or a synthesizer brass part for the trumpets? Doesn't oboe or a reed synthesizer part? And the chords, should I do strings or string synthesizer? Thanks for any advice for my babbling

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