New version of my Violin SoundFont Released!!!!!

• Apr 1, 2018 - 00:13

Come check out my new Violin SoundFont that I created!

NOTE: I actually recorded these violin samples myself, and used 2 Velocity Layers for different dynamic changes! This SoundFont is also created under the CC0 License.

Presets Used: 1. Arianna's Violin (Bank 0: Preset 40)
2. Violin Fast (Bank 1: Preset 40)
3. Violin Slow (Bank 8: Preset 40)

Here's the link to download the SoundFont.

I hope we will use this in the next update of the MuseScore General SoundFont .sf2!!! If not, then we can use the VSCO 2 CE Solo Violin Samples instead, or maybe ldk1609's Violin Samples if possible.


In reply to by Игорь Сиднев

MF means mezzoforte, it is the instrument hidden in the Violin Slow.
the Violin(2) and the Violin Looped contain the F(orte) and the MF-layer; if you press the tip of the key, you will hear the Violin Fast (which is Forte), when you press the back of the key you will hear the Violin Slow (MF)

rumble is that dark bass sound, which you hear when you play through your hifi. headphones cant play such low frequencies, let alone earplugs.

regards bottrop

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