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• Mar 27, 2018 - 19:47

Update: I'm not sure what I did or if I did anything to make it work, but after trying again just now, It worked.

Hello, I have been working a lot with one of my scores that I upload it, and now that I've made several improvements, I am trying to update/replace the online file. For one reason or another when I update that file and the online platform processes it, the online score still shows the old version. I started having this problem after I had installed the release candidate of 2.2, and it is still a problem today after I uninstalled, and installed the official release of 2.2. Is there any specific reason I might be having this problem?

--Here is the online score that shows the old version of the score: https://musescore.com/m6bb/asterix,
And here is the .mscz file that I'm trying to upload: Asterix.mscz


A short while ago, trying to upload a score made with 2.2 a window warned me
'I can't load, error 4'
I removed tags and comments, I tried again: OK
Then I updated.
Probably a phase of site adjustment...

your score properties: originalformat musicxml/creation date 2018-03-23 (a Nightly?)

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Oh that might be why. A long time ago I had created this score in finale, and recently I exported as an musicxml file, and imported to musescore and uploaded it to the site. Also, I do have nightly somewhere on my pc, but I rarely open it for anything.

Well anyways, removing tags and comments didn't work. So if no other solutions come up, I may eventually just remove the whole score and then reupload it.

Today, our frontend server experienced some service interruptions which impacted the score upload system. The issues have been resolved and things should be back to normal again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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