Things that would be good to have in Musescore

• Mar 27, 2018 - 18:07

I would like to have the option of irrational time signatures, meaning the denominator is not a power of 2. I would also like for Musescore to be like Google Docs, meaning that I can let other people can access and possibly edit my work at the same time as me.


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Unfortunately you are forced to use a workaround. You need to find a standard time signature that has the same ratio as the odd time signature and change the displayed time signature. You then have to use tuplets to make the notes have the correct ratio. It's not ideal but you can make it work with some thought.

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To make a fraction with a denominator of 6 or 12 equal to one with that of a power of 2, the numerator would have to be a fraction, as show here: this option is also not an option on Musescore. The only option left is to change the tempo. Many pieces using irrational time signatures will switch back and forth multiple times, so it would not be easy to read, or write out. Another feature that could be added to Musescore is symbols to show the tempo change. This is shown in the attachment. If there was a way to put those symbols on the score, it would be fine without correct playback, because I can always add in an invisible tempo change as well.

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If playback is not an issue, you can get decent-looking results with the current version of MuseScore. Use the attached images or create your own with MuseScore's image capture function. In the 8/12 bar in the screenshot, you've got a half note followed by two eighth notes. Don't worry about them being two-thirds of a triplet, you are adding your own bracket. They are just eighth notes as far as MuseScore is concerned. So add a 3/4 time signature and change the numbers to 8/12. Enter the half note and the two eighth notes. Then drag the bracket from your file browser onto the first eighth note, and reposition and resize the bracket. If you care about correct playback, you may have to create a separate version of your score for that purpose.

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Be sure to release only when the note highlights. It definitely works if you are doing it correctly, but it can be a bit finicky to release at the right moment.

They do have to be actual PNG files, not files in another format whose name merely happens to end in those letters. Sounds like they might not be if they are only showing with a Chrome icon.

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