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• Mar 25, 2018 - 23:10

it would be nice if i could justify the lyrics---especially at the start of a verse. i have to use F8 and adjust each individually. i wish i could just select them and left or right justify as appropriate.

left justify.PNG


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Right click the lyric and select text properties... (do not pick text styles unless you want every lyric justified). In the dialog click the justify button you want. You will want to repeat this on each verse. If the verse starting point is too far one direction or another you can use Horizontal offset in text properties or the inspector (F8) to fix them.

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I am using musescore 2.1.0 rev 871c8ce
the suggestions above are work arounds. what i was hoping for was something that was simple/automatic and would produce something like this:
Capture 2.PNG

maybe if the verse numbers could be entered as lyrics tied to the time signature.

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Looks the same on my PC (i.e. pretty good), Windows 7, MuseScore 2.1.
The date in the title frame though implies that this score has been created a long time ago (11-23-13), when 2.x didn't exist, also it is using Times New Roman rather than FreeSerif and doesn't have Score Information / workTitle and composer filled, and volta offset is set to -2 rather than -3, all indications that it had initially been created with MuseScore 1.x

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same as before, but I noticed that the text actually is correctly justified, and the dots are aligned.

then i tried changing the font. i normally use FreeSerif with musescore-- i guess that is what it came with. i have never tried changing it. so i tried Arial. this is what i got using the ctrl-shift method and left justify.

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Indeed, that is because this automatic alignment depends on using 2.0 or later. Scores created with much older versions - as your score was - might not benefit from this unless you first remove the manual formatting that 1.x created. But as Jojo mentions, this actually does work just fine on 2.1, looks exactly the same on my system as on musescore.com. So I'm not sure what is going wrong on your system. Are you syure that screenshot is from the same version of the file?

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Just reviewed. I made the file in Musescore 1.x and now use 2.1.0. The methods mentioned above have been tried as modifications to this earlier created score. I will now try to erase the lyric under the first note and completely re-enter it using Musescore 2.1.0. I will try that this evening when I get home.

Thanks all for your help and patience.

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The first comment (by jeetee) is not a workaround. It is a feature of MuseScore that aims to do exactly what you are trying to do. It is simple and automatic, and I am surprised to hear that it didn't help. I did notice in your score that many of the lyrics under the first syllable had non-zero horizontal and vertical offsets. Changing these offsets to zero makes it look nicer.

Side note: I have seen this use of an asterisk beside the verse number (especially in hymnals), and indeed it will throw off the automatic alignment for that verse. The lyric can, of course, be repositioned with an adjustment to the horizontal offset.

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