Numbered notation in MuseScore

• Mar 12, 2018 - 19:48


in older postings I read about numbered notation in MuseScore (Jianpu).
Is this still in developement? Where could I get the code?

We are some software engineers in Germany and would like to contribute a very similar notation with numbers.
In our choirs this notation is used very often and we tried already different ways to write it. (Capella, Sibelius).
But maybe we can add a native notation. (Not with hidden notes and text at that position.)


PS: I added a small sample from a song.

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Hi, I have read all the related topics, thank you guys so much for all the work during the past two years! I hope this feature can be merged into the software as soon as possible. I am aware that the development and testing part from your side have already finished earlier this year, but if there is still any chance to help, I would like to offer what I can.

Hello Dietrich,
have you had any success in getting the numbers system plugin working?
I'd be very interested in this. Since my church sings "Ziffern" as well, we'd need this plugin to be able to switch from Sibelius to Musescore.

I've recently posted a request here and discovered your post later. ;)
I would like to pay the person who develops this plugin, maybe it helps to get it done.


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