Positioning of fingering numbers

• Mar 11, 2018 - 13:34

As you can see from this image, the fingering number has been placed in the staff:

musescore fingering numbers.JPG

Would it not be better to place this above the staff, so it is more legible?

If this isn't an error, is there any reason you'd put the number in the staff, rather than above it?

I found this thread on the release of better spacing of accidentals, it looks like fingering numbers have been overlooked...


There are several kinds of fingerings, which have different alignments. which ones have you been using?
And which version of MuseScore? I see no fingering type that aligned like this, it is either above staff or left of the notehead

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"Would it not be better to place this above the staff, so it is more legible?"

It's not the common/standard way in the published scores for guitar (I guess it's for guitar?) but why not, if you prefer.
A plugin allows to achieve this: https://musescore.org/fr/project/fingering-positioner
And see also two customized versions (LH and RH versions) in this thread/comment: https://musescore.org/en/node/142436#comment-674791

There is another, related issue (feature?) with the placement of fingering numbers. If a note's pitch is modified after adding a fingering number, the number placement does not respect changes in the direction of the note stem. The fingering number remains at a fixed distance from the note head, whether the note stem is up or down. In the attached example, the two notes in each bar were entered at the same pitch, a fingering number was added to each and then the pitch of the second note was shifted (using the up or down arrows or CTRL+UP/DOWN).

Test Fingering Number Placement.mscz

While the number here are still legible, when the numbers are attached to shorter notes they can become obscured by the beams.

Is it also relevant that the default offsets, sizes etc for fingerings are specified via the [Style][Text] menu rather than the [Style][General] menu where, for example, defaults for articulations are found?

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It is true that fingerings don't adjust automatically in this way. To reset their positions, simply select them and press Ctrl+R.

Fingerings are indeed text which is why settings are found in that menu. But offsets are actually special in that the placement algorithm does a lot special work to figure out the best place based on various factors, rather than just blindly applying the offset in the text style.

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Yes, that works, but how to select all fingerings? I can [CTRL][click] on each one, but this would be tedious if there are a lot of fingerings to reset. I can select all but that would reset other things that I might not want to be reset. I tried using the selection filter with only "Fingering" ticked, but [Edit][Select All] doesn't seem to work. Am I missing something or is this another "unexpected behaviour"?

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Indeed, right click menu is the tool for this. The selection filter is more about excluding things from a range selection, rather than selecting just one particular element type. The result of filtering is always still a range selection, and in order for it to be meaningful, that means it must contain notes, so unselected all voices won't work.

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