Multimeasure Rest Length

• Mar 9, 2018 - 22:22

I'm trying to make 2 measure bar rests, and then 8 measure bar rests following. However, every time I add the multimeasure rest setting, I instantly am given 95 measures worth of rests. How do I edit the length to correspond with the number I want? I tried using "decrease stretch" as some forums suggested, but I don't understand how this helps in terms lowering the value. Thank you.


You need to enter notes in the measures you do not want included in the multi-measure rests. Use the M button to toggle between multi-measure rests on and off.

Right-click the first bar of the 8 measures and the first bar after that, Bar Properties..., Break multibar rest

Stretch is about the physical width of measure,s not how many are combined into multimeasure rests. As mentioned, rests automatically break at the "right" places - double bars, rehearsal marks, changes in tempo, clef, key, or time signature, etc. So you should normally just enter those markings normally and the multimeasure rests take care of themselves/

Also, FWIW, you should almost never need to create multimeasure rests manually at all. They get created automatically when you generate parts from a score. You would only need to do it manually if for some reaosn you are entering a part individually without the rest of the score. Is that the case here?

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