Fixing Dynamics to Lines

• Mar 8, 2018 - 16:38

Whenever I attach a dynamic to an instrument, if I move the dynamic far enough from that line, the dynamic will attach itself to another instrument if it gets too close to one. This is especially annoying when the only sensible place to attach a dynamic is in a place where it is "closer" to another instrument. I know that this wasn't an issue in the old musescore, since all dynamics, once attached to an instrument, were fixed to that instrument and beat, regardless of where it was moved. In this new musescore, is there a way to fix a dynamic to a particular spot?


FWIW, the change you mention happened three years ago, so it isn't particularly new :-). But anyhow, this change - which some requested but I too feel was not helpful - only affects mosue adjustments, which are the least precise method. Use the keyboard for more direct control, both with respect to dynamics but also most other elements.

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