Salamander Soundfont problems

• Mar 6, 2018 - 02:45

I have had persistent problems with the Salamander SFZ soundfonts ever since I upgraded to 2.1. There was a time when it was the best and most consistent piano and I would use it all the time. Now, I get inaccurate playback (notes either get reinforced and louder as in an inverse echo chamber, or drop out altogether), and these happen whether I'm just playing back from the score (although I often get more distortion then), or saving to an wav, mp3, or ogg file. I've enclosed my mcsz file as well as the ogg render. The render is without any effects, so any errors are not a product of the Zita1 digital reverb/delay. In particular, measures 3 and 4 (and similar measures) have problems with notes sounding like they are dropping out.

I've attempted other sfz files with limited success (Estate Grand and Ivy's Piano in 192), but I remember reading that Zerberus was optimized for Salamander, and I'd had good results in 2.0.x with Salamander. 2.1 seemed to change that. I've put up with the bad renders for quite some time with 2.1, but now I just feel like I'm not getting what I can out of the program, and I would like to know how to fix this, if it's something I can fix.

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I have the same problem as OP, and I tried this on the 2018-03-08-1226-2.2-5f6b17b build of 2.2 on macOS 10.12.6. The problem doesn't seem to have been resolved. I don't know if it worked on my system before 2.1 because I didn't start using MuseScore prior. It seems to occur when notes get fast. It's very apparent in my attachment.

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I noticed a similar issue, which is especially apparent in fast songs... Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Mvmt 3 for me. I found this fix on another thread, which seemed to fix the problem for me. I verified it worked with MuseScore 2.1 and MuseScoreNightly-2018-03-19-2027-2.2-3d20279

I uploaded my modified sfz file (with an additional .txt extension, which you'll have to remove), you can try it and see if it works for you.

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