Strange things are happening....

• Mar 5, 2018 - 20:48

I've been using Musescore for about four weeks now and loving it! Some odd things have started to happen though:
First, new blank pages with systems (I'm writing a string quartet) no longer appear automatically. By that I mean to say that when I first began to use the playback new pages with the exact same layout (number of systems per page number of measures per line etc.) as the first would appear automatically giving me dozens of blank pages on which to continue composing but now everything ends after the third page. When I try to add new pages by using the breaks and spacers palette I get a crowded mass of measures all jammed onto one line. This is a very frustrating problem and I hope to find a solution to it as soon as possible. Also a strange blue line with a triangle at the top has appeared in the first measure and in the last measure that I was working on before the blank pages disappeared. I hope I'm describing it adequately because it's really odd. What is that thing?
The other thing is that the online handbook is slowly turning Finnish. Yes Finnish, as in Suomi, Helsinki etc. Sadly Finnish is not one of the languages I readily understand (at least I can recognize it). For example on the basics section of the handbook it goes from "Inspector and Object Properties" to "Tahtioperaatiot". What is causing this? Please help me!
Thiank you!


I think you might be confused about what is happening with new measures and pages. New measures are always small by default - the exact correct size for empty measures according to standard engraving practice. They automatically get wider as you add notes, so there is really nothing to be concerned with. but if you whatever reason you'd rather see these empty measures artificially stretched out before you enter notes, select them and run Edit / Tools / Add/Remove Line Breaks.

But again, you shouldn't need to be messing with breaks at all while composing. Simply add notes to the measures as is, and they expand correctly as needed.

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