Do you know a soundfont to write for string orchestra ( with so many violons, violas....) ?

• Mar 2, 2018 - 05:28

Hi, friends,
I would like to write a piece for string orchestra but I only find single instrument fonts. Do you know, perhaps, a soundfont that has the sound of so many violins, so many violas, cellos and double basses?

Thanks for your help, kind regards



Well, the default MuseScore sounfdont has a "Strings" instrument that. in my opinion, sounds pretty good for many type of compositions.

It appears in the program if you expand the Instrument list to "All instruments" - then you will see Violins, Violas, etc. Once you add them to your score, in the Mixer you will see the "Strings" instrument selected.

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In fact, you're right: they are not bad. However, if I wanted to use a different sound font, how does the mixer work? Let me explain, please: I can not find the violins. Only one comes out of it. What voice should I look for violins, violas, cellos etc ... in the long list of the mixer, (after selecting "violins" in Tools?)
I struggle to learn how to use the mixer. I would need help in these two things that I have exposed.
Thanks, see you soon!

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I'm attaching 2 print-screens. In the first "CapturaA.gif", that's the "Instruments" window - it appears when you click "Edit" on the main menu, then the "Instruments...." menu option. By default, MuseScore doesn't show the strings instruments like "Violins", "violas", etc.

But, if you click on the "Common Instruments" in this window, you will see that you can select "All Instruments" from the list. Then, the Violins, etc. will apear, below, and you can select them, simply ("CapturaB.gif")

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