Courtesy Clef not showing

• Mar 1, 2018 - 21:13

I'm having an issue where, even though "Show Courtesy Clef" has been marked, I see no courtesy clef. Could someone help me figure out what's going on?

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On that image I don't see a clef change, so no reason for a courtesy clef?

Edit: I need new glasses, or a bigger screen, or scroll down :-)

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Thanks for attaching the score excerpt! Actually the explanation here is pretty simple: this clef was apparently created as a mid-measure clef change (to the first beat specifically, but still) rather than applying to the full measure. You can see this if you select all in the excerpt and reduce stretch a few notches to force measure three onto the first system. You will see the clef appears after the barline and not before where it should normally go if it is meant to apply to the full measure. So presumably you applied the clef change to the first note of the measure rather than to the measure itself. And mid-measure clef changes don't get courtesy clefs.

That's why deleting it and re-adding it properly fixes this.

It is the case that MuseScore doesn't do a good job of differentiating these two cases - measure-applied clef change versus mid-measure clef change applied to the first beat - in cases where the change happens at the beginning of the system. See for example #46036: Clef on first note of system becomes header clef after save and reload and #269253: Opening bass clef disappears when mid-measure treble clef is applied. It's certainly possible you originally added this clef correctly but then do to some manipulations that happened afterwards and some related bug in MuseScore, it got converted to mid-measure. But that actually seems less likely to me than the reverse - a clef added as a mid-measure change on the first beat later changing itself to a regular change on the measure.

One thing I can see even from just the picture is that this does too be a percussion staff but somehow you've managed to get regular clefs onto it. That's not supposed to be possible in the first place, so I'm curious to see the actual score. Anyhow that may explain it right there.

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The staff in question is a Marimba staff in the treble clef that changes to bass clef at the new line. It's not a percussion clef at all, although—if I might feature-request real quick—changing to and from percussion clef would be really helpful for a score like this one.

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