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• Feb 26, 2018 - 18:35

Someone has an idea why the attached PDF didn't make it through the conversion?
I thought it was so clear and simple it would be perfect...


I'm sure it failed due to the lack of a time signature, the various lengths of measures and different types of bar lines. I guess it's 3 strikes and you're out.

I am also a little puzzled that Musescore is saying that a grayscale scanning is best. I thought black and white would be best - gives the highest contrast.

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While a high contrast indeed often helps in better detection of items, going to full contrast with black/white only might have a bad effect on the readability of thin/small elements.
Say a barline isn't quite straight and doesn't exactly match a 'pixel'; in B&W that could mean part of the barline starting on 1 pixelcolumn and another part on the next column, whilst the 'crossover' point might just not be dark enough and end up as a white pixel; leaving you with two very close but not connected lines. The upper one now could be a breath marking instead of part of the barline, for example.
In grayscale (but still with enough contrast) it'll be easier to detect that line as a single line.

Hi Guys
Try free app Music Scanner available on the App Store for iPad/iPhone. Despite a warning that the resolution of my screenshot of your score was too low it scanned perfectly.
I use Music Scanner a lot as a source of note input only from choral scores to Musescore via music XML. In Musescore I prepare practice files for my fellow choir members to use with Musescore Songbook.
Music Scanner with IPhone camera inputis very accurate though it has trouble with tuplets and different stave patterns on the same page where I have
to take a separate photo of each pattern.
I gave up on Audiveris but Music Scanner is a great app.
Perhaps there should be a closer link between Musescore and Music Scanner.

P. S. I have no connection whatever with Music Scanner

David Pettengell

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